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Healthy Sugars
  One function of Glyconutrients is that they control communication with all hormones, and hormones influence how you Feel.  
  Glyconutrients are very unusual and special carbohydrates which are NOT sweet to the taste.
These 'Healthy Sugars' are not like refined sugar, but instead, are imperative to your health!
  Super Sugars are cell level 'letters' (or alphabet) which make it possible for our cells to 'talk'. It is by this mechanism that the body 'communicates' exactly what needs to be done to achieve and maintain optimal health.  
  Research Scientists call this process within the body 'Cell to Cell' communication.  
Healthy Sugar Supplement
Healthy Sugar Supplements
  All eight Glyconutrients must be present in order for the body to communicate properly, and since they are not available in our food anymore, they must be supplemented.  
  Increase your level of nutrition and you increase the resources your body has to work with in order to achieve and maintain Optimal Health and Wellness!  
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*Glyconutrients do not treat, cure or mitigate disease and do not substitute for proper medical care or proven therapy. No nutritional product does anything for any condition--they simply support the body's own inherent design to heal itself.*